CNC Turret Punch Press Services

A basic punch press is a type of machine that is used to punch holes in metal. A CNC (computer numerical controlled) turret punch press on the other hand, has many more capabilities not available on the basic punch press. CNC turret punch presses are use to manufacture parts that require precision punches with high volume production. It can be programmed to produce a particular part, accurately over and over again without any variation. This means parts can be made more accurately and more efficiently than a manual punch press.

Time is also saved with using multiple tools. The turret can switch between multiple tools within seconds, compared to manual tool switching which has to be much longer. CNC (computer numerical controlled) turret punch press can also be used in forming and shearing, depressions, dimples or many other effects can be achieved.

Metalcraft offers CNC Turret Punch Press services in Vancouver and the lower mainland, all of Canada and the United States.