AZIM ABDULLA, President and founder of Metalcraft Technology Ltd. Azim is a 30 year veteran of the metal industry with extensive experience in all technical and operational aspects of the sheet metal business. In 1997 Azim identified a niche in the sheet metal industry and decided to venture into his own business. He assembled a strong team, acquired state of art equipment and designed new operating techniques and strategies that brought the classic traditions of sheet metal working into a new realm of customer satisfaction.

Metalcraft has grown to a team of over 30 professional, technical and service staff dedicated to offering the highest quality of metal machining and fabricating services available in British Columbia.

Azim remains hands on at every development stage of our customer’s product and is responsible for project quoting, sales, engineering and technical support. He ensures that his strong work ethic is carried throughout each phase of manufacturing.

REH ABDULLA, General Manager, has been at Metalcraft Technology since its inception in 1997. Over the years, Reh’s expertise, drive and energy has been instrumental in the growth and development of Metalcraft.

Reh received his initial training in Japan and was awarded a White and Green belt for lean manufacturing in 1995. In 2006 he was awarded a black belt for lean manufacturing. Reh implemented and maintains the strict lean manufacturing practices through all phases of production and shop floor operations. During the process of implementation, he trains and tests all staff to adhere to the lean manufacturing and operating practices.

FEROZ ABDULLA, Customer Support/Lean Manager, joined Metalcraft Technology in 1998. He had worked through various positions and has advanced to management having demonstrated his versatility and dedication to getting the job done.

In June 2006 Feroz successfully completed the lean manufacturing program in Japan and was awarded his white and green belt.

Feroz is responsible for on-site customer service and monitoring our lean manufacturing practices. He is ensures that standards of the lean manufacturing practices are maintained ensuring all staff are trained and adhere to the standard set.

THAO HUYNH, Engineer/Overall Facilitator, began his career in the sheet metal business in 1995 and joined Metalcraft Technology in 2000. He manages our Engineering Team, being responsible for all prototypes, designs and specifications.

Thao is also responsible for overseeing all production, programming, quality control and inspection.

Thao achieved his lean manufacturing green belt in 2006. He ensures all production staff are trained and follow the lean manufacturing practices.

ZUL SUNDERJI, Corporate Controller, has been at Metalcraft Technology since its inception in 1997. He has over 20 years experience in accounting and administration.

Zul is responsible for all administrative systems and controls. He manages the entire accounting function, including payroll, benefits, accounts receivable and accounts payable and management reporting. If you have any administrative questions please contact Zul.

DEBBIE PHELAN, ISO Coordinator, has worked in the "Quality World" since 1989; implementing ISO 9001 systems since 1994. Debbie joined Metalcraft in 2000 to enhance and maintain our ISO 9001 system.

Debbie's objective for Metalcraft is to ensure continuous quality improvement, meet our customers' requirements, control documentation, identify quality related training needs, and collect and analyze performance data.